Angry Bird Clone. Play and Embed it into Your WordPress Site’s

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After visiting Cidtux’s blog, I found an Angry Bird Clone game, the very popular game on Android platform. It’s about 80% mimicking the real one, The Angry Animals. The different between the game is in the character, the stage, and the background. The game play it self is 100% copying Angry Bird.

This game is based on flash (*.swf file format), so we can embed it on our WordPress site’s. Below, I embedding the Angry Animals game. If the game doesn’t appear, that’s mean the file were removed from (yes I do hot linking it X-p )

This is the swf file (hot linking)

This is mirror file on Mediafire (download and upload into your site)

This is the code to embed into your WordPress site’s
[cc lang=”html”]

Change the *.swf file location into your site’s.

Answer and Question
Q: Can I play it offline coz it’s cute
A: Yes, download and open it with Firefox or IE with flash player preinstalled.

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7 Responses to “Angry Bird Clone. Play and Embed it into Your WordPress Site’s”

  1. tazmania says:

    ane main jg gan, baru levek 8 sih :malu:


  2. gadgetboi says:

    no wonder citux blog is soooheavy :D

  3. kucingkeren says:

    haha..baca postingan ini jadi malu.. kemarin di pesawat sambil nunggu sampai di bandara, aku buka netbook, dan bermainlah angry bird.. ehh tnyata penumpang kecil dua kursi di sebelahku ikut mengamati. komentarnya: walahh kakak..kok gagal melulu sihh…” suaranya itu keras banget bo..untunglah para penumpang lain ‘sepertinya tidur’… trus yg bikin malu lagi..Kakak baru level 7 ya? aku dong udh level 50!! what?? busyett..langsung deh gamenya diswitch ke lembaran kerjaan… :((

  4. siippp dah gan!!!!

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