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Politics in Indonesia, According to Google

Monday 31 March 2014 | post a comment

Only in few days, Indonesian people will face legislative election day. If still confuse and doubt about which party should you choose, I’ve already make a small summary but it can show you the answer in my previous post.

OK, let’s go back to the topic. Google have a tools to show internet trends based on what are people doing on the internet. Yap, the have politics category too in a specific country, such Indonesia.

From the graph, we can see what party the most talked about by people. The PDIP party have their own social media center team, which be formed to provoke their president candidate. Rumors says that those team has also been paid by “their bos” :lol: .

Are You Prepare for the Indonesian Election Day?

Monday 24 March 2014 | Comment (1)

the election days in Indonesia are near. Did you already decide which party will you choose? If not, or because you have a doubt in those party, I’ll give you some guide so I hope it can “illuminate” < — :mrgreen: you .

I have some pictures which contain facts about Indonesian politics nowadays. There are many case about corrupter on TV, and yes they are displaying fact but using certain manipulating mechanism. ( More … )

Why Facebook Buy Whatsapp? We Can Free Download it Afterall?

Sunday 23 February 2014 | post a comment

That’s was my friend respond on my Facebook account after I share an article about Whatsapp were acquired by Facebook. “Why Facebook buy whatsapp? We can free download it after all?”.

Funny isn’t huh :mrgreen: ? the article were seriously talk about buying a business (big business), that mean it were involve many assets, such employee, company brand, costumer reach, etc. And my friend simply saying something like that. :lol:

facebook beli whatsapp

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Disable Search History by Google

Monday 20 January 2014 | post a comment

If you log in into your Google account, any activity on the web will be recorded. That include, what you search on the internet using Google search engine.

The data which Google track is, the keyword do you use, the website you visit based on your search term, and how many time you visit those sites.

Google Search History

Well this is sucks, but Google give us an option to turn off the search tracking facilities. I don’t know if they are still tracking us or not, but at least this feature can blocked someone from tracking you (as preventive action if your account has been compromised).

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Enabling IPv6 on Debian Machine (via Tunnel)

Tuesday 31 December 2013 | post a comment

I really don’t care about IPv6 since the current technology doesn’t obstruct me from my online activity. But since my account were approved for free VPS by, it seems I have to use IPv6 connectivity.

After “Googling on Bing”, I finaly found that there’s a simple method to enable IPv6 on my Debian machine via tunnel. All I have to do is install a small program, which call Miredo. This is the simple method to enabling IPv6.

test IPv6

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