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Conblock Motif

Wednesday 6 June 2012 | post a comment

Conblock giving solution to prevent flood because it giving flat surface without fully cover the land. So if heavy rain come, the water can still seep into the ground.


As usual, filter applied on the image using Pixlr-o-Matic service combine with Google+ CreativeKit image tools. It’s easy filter to use, such Instagram service photo.

Kasunanan Palace Area

Tuesday 5 June 2012 | post a comment

This is the public area in Kasunanan Palace, Solo, West java. People can using the street to cross to another side of Palace, such north and south square (alun-alun utara dan selatan).


Image effect applied using Pixlr service. It has also desktop application using Adobe Air. You can download it by clicking this link

Old PSU Computer

Monday 4 June 2012 | post a comment

This is an old power supply unit computer. Using AT technology, you’ll still need to press the power button on PC’s case to compeletely turn of your PC. Modern PC no need to do that.


The image were taken using the macro mode on cell phone camera, but it fail because it’s blurry. So I apply effect as many thing using Photoshop.

Everybody Loves Jackfruit

Sunday 3 June 2012 | Comments (2)

Jackfruit (nangka) is one of the popular fruit in Indonesia. It has sweet-smelling and alluring taste. Indonesian often combine Jackfruit with cold n fresh drink, such Cendol and Es Campur.


Photos were taken in North Jakarta, at SMAN 110 garden. Image effect applied using CreativeKit Google+ (formerly Google Picnic).

Roof Tent

Saturday 2 June 2012 | post a comment

The situation were very hot, and I really want to put my head up high. And accidentally, I got this interesting view and I really want to take a picture.

punctate roof tent

This nice mottled color of roof tent were taken at Jakarta State University, Rawamangun – East Jakarta, Indonesia.