Menambah Waktu Download Server Saat Melakukan Proses Update

Sunday 10 August 2014 | post a comment

upload php.ini fileSebelumnya saya telah menjelaskan bahwa para pengguna WordPress yang menggunakan host server yang berlokasi di Indonesia seringkali terganggu dengan proses pembaruan dari dashboard WordPress.

Fitur ini sebenarnya cukup memudahkan karena pengguna tidak perlu lagi melakukan update manual dengan mengunggah (upload) ulang berkas-berkas pembaruan yang dibutuhkan ke server. ( More … )

Memperbaiki Error Akibat Gagal Melakukan Proses Update pada WordPress

Sunday 27 July 2014 | Comments (2)

CMS WordPress memiliki fungsi built-in yang memudahkan penggunanya untuk melakukan proses pembaruan melalui dashboard.

maintenance mode

Namun, fitur ini cukup bermasalah bagi para pengguna host server shared yang berlokasi di Indonesia. Ini karena alokasi bandwidth yang diberikan oleh pengelola terlalu sedikit (ini juga terkendala karena mahalnya harga bandwidth internasional). ( More … )

(Solved) WordPress Dissallow to Upload SWF Files

Friday 27 September 2013 | post a comment

Do you remember my previous post, about e-belajar project? Yes it still continue, I’ve changed the domain from (which is free) to (paid).

I don’t understand about my site configuration. Previously, I was able to upload a SWF file (*.swf) to my WordPress media. I need to upload flash file because I need to embed flash object to my post in

unable to upload swf file wordpress

( More … )

First Post Using WordPress for Android

Sunday 23 December 2012 | post a comment

Well, it’s time for me to move on. Finaly I’ve got new handset and that mean, my previous Windows Mobile really got dumped and left behind.

My new handset is Android powered devices, based on chinese hardware. Well that’s OK since my device able to run Firefox browser for Android. The minimum requirement to running Firefox is devices with 512MB RAM. Opera still my favourite browse because it has feature to not load the images.


I make this post using WordPress app on Android. It’s quite easy because every navigation controlled just using scroll up and down. But I notice that the custom post type isn’t there. Overall, it will suite for standard writing blog post.

Cheap Health and Medical Premium WordPress Template

Monday 17 December 2012 | post a comment

If your activity were in internet industry, especially website development, of course you are very familiar with WordPress. WordPress is one of CMS that widely used as a publication platform on the internet. CMS technology makes end user to create web content easily.

cheap premium medicine and health wordpress themes

This time, I’ll show you some sophisticated WordPress template. I said sophisticated because it has many feature that enable you to easily customize your website. All modification can be configure using click and click on WordPress admin dashboard, no coding knowledge needed. ( More … )