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They said let it go if you truly…

Friday 19 July 2019 | post a comment

They said let it go if you truly love someone but the fact is you can’t let it go when you truly love someone ( More … )

My Favorite Tradisional Dining Places in Solo

Thursday 10 May 2018 | post a comment

If you have to go to Solo City, Indonesia, Central Java, you must be confused with where to eat there. There are many modern dining outlets in Solo, especially on Slamet Riyadi street, such as Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. So you don’t have to be worry.

balapan rail station

However, if you are looking for a traditional local eating place, I can give you some advice. There are many advantages you can get from Indonesian traditional local food, such as typical flavor foods at affordable prices. ( More … )

What a Pity Cat

Sunday 10 July 2016 | post a comment

catMe and my office mate at same office room feel strange about the smell in our room.

Yes it is strange because we smell cat feces, while there is no cat inside room.

Some times, we also hear sound of a cat, but we don’t see any cat.

Finally, I found the answer. There is a cat in our room and the cat was stuck between a closet.

The cat was fall into the crack inside, so nobody can see him. I think he was stuck for 4 days and he take a feces in there.

That’s why the smell of our room feels like cat feces. Because there is a cat feces 😆

How to Run Windows Program on Linux Using Wine

Monday 12 May 2014 | post a comment

Since many Windows operating system (OS) program doesn’t always available on Linux, many users afraid to fully migrate into new OS such Linux.

But you don’t have a worry. There’s a team developer who create a program which can emulate Windows program so it can run on Linux.

photoshop on linux using wine ( More … )

Are You Prepare for the Indonesian Election Day?

Monday 24 March 2014 | post a comment

the election days in Indonesia are near. Did you already decide which party will you choose? If not, or because you have a doubt in those party, I’ll give you some guide so I hope it can “illuminate” <— :mrgreen: you . I have some pictures which contain facts about Indonesian politics nowadays. There are many case about corrupter on TV, and yes they are displaying fact but using certain manipulating mechanism. ( More … )