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Halal Label for Food and Drink in Indonesia

Monday 2 September 2013 | post a comment

halal-haram-logoHalal is a label for food and drink that Muslim allow to consume it because it appropriate to shariah (Islam).

In the opposite of term halal is haram, which is refers to food and drink that are not appropriate to shariah.

As an example for halal and haram, a cow meat is halal for Muslim to consume, but it will become haram if the cow were not slaughtered by the butcher in the name of Allah. If a Muslim consume haram food, he will get sin. ( More … )

Simple Logic For Egypt Case

Friday 23 August 2013 | post a comment

A growing number of Islamic ideologies in Egypt makes the tragedy that is happening become more confusing. Many uncertain news and slander spread so fast.

But I’ll give some simple logic to understand about the situation. I don’t care about those ideology over there and it’s all about justice and humanity.

This is my simple logic:

moslem massacre ( More … )

The Best Browser According to Me

Sunday 19 May 2013 | post a comment

Chrome gain more popularity nowadays, and people really love it because it’s fast and light to open many web page.

In the previous time, Firefox were the king of browser, because they provide an ability to support modern web technology, rather than their competitors such IE and Opera.

firefox-ie-chrome-safari ( More … )

Blackberry Z10 Everywhere

Wednesday 10 April 2013 | post a comment

Our nation is on the peak stage of consumerism that causes blurring of national identity. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity) and Pancasila it’s only a state philosophy, while people will choose from what they see and like.

For comparison, Blackberry vs Pancasila, … obviously people would prefer the Blackberry than Pancasila. Our society looking for money, working furiously just to buy a Blackberry, while Pancasila getting abandoned.

BB everywhere

The rise sales of Blackberry Z10 in Indonesia remind me with some bastard who write this on 2009

About Chavez’s Dead

Monday 1 April 2013 | post a comment

Chavez was died and everybody crying for his death. Meanwhile in my country, I believe there will be an opposite situation. There’s no leader who has very strong charisma, except the first (Soekarno) and the third (BJ Habibie) president.


The last name (Habibie) were pushed down by mass movement because media propaganda. Those media were scumbag and has been paid. It’s easy to taking information from what can be seen, but it’s difficult to find the real truth about information. ( More … )