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3rd Party App That Work with Windows Mobile

Monday 12 November 2012 | post a comment

Windows Mobile is Microsoft previous mobile operating system. They are now intensively work and promoting Windows Phone, which the latest version is Windows Phone 8, as their new mobile operating system together with Nokia and other hardware vendor. How about Windows Mobile? Yap, Microsoft abandon their obsolete mobile OS and the effect, many built-in program […]

Leave Alone and Die: Windows Mobile

Thursday 8 November 2012 | post a comment

We know that Microsoft were completely moved to their new operating system, Windows Phone. That mean, Microsoft abandon it’s old mobile operating system, Windows Mobile. Because of that, many built-in program became obsolete and not worked. One of phone which still use Windows Mobile operating system is Samsung GT-B6520 Omnia PRO 5. This phone were […]

The Reduction of Learning Activity

Thursday 1 November 2012 | post a comment

Cheating in learning activity, such as plagiarism and do exact 100% copy is often happened. We cannot blame the student for doing that, but we must know the condition that makes it happen in our formal education system. Giving a task after learning process is an activity to know how much student absorb the material. […]

The Characteristic of Online Learner

Sunday 28 October 2012 | post a comment

If you plan to create e-learning based on internet, you must understanding the characteristic of online learner. These characteristics must exist within learners so that they can be successful in online learning. Nada Dabbagh in her book, Online Learning: Concepts, Strategies, and Application explain the characteristics of online learning as mentioned below:

Metro TV Claim: “Rohis is Terrorist”

Monday 17 September 2012 | post a comment

If everybody hate politics much, then why taking information source from this two scumbag media; Metro TV and TV One? Both of them form political party and actively spread terrorism mechanism when incident happened, and even display it live as reality show. Once again, open your heart and your eyes widely. Recently, Metro TV create […]