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Disable MLT LG G Pro Lite Dual

Sunday 24 May 2015 | post a comment

Biasa pakai HH Gingerbread ( hari gini -_- ) yang makan memori idle cuma 250MB-an, dan tiba-tiba sedikit terhenyak ketika mengetahui LG G Pro Lite Dual kondisi idle-nya malah bisa 600MB-an. Ekosistem Android sendiri menurut saya cukup mengerikan, di mana selain Google yang menyediakan aplikasi monitoring yang berjalan di belakang, pabrikan smartphone sendiri juga ternyata […]

Cara Root Asus Fonepad versi Jadul (ME371MG)

Tuesday 30 December 2014 | post a comment

Asus Fonepad ME371MG adalah tablet keluaran ASUS dengan fungsi telepon yang dibekali dengan prosesor Intel. Sepertinya ini adalah tablet pertama yang menggunakan prosesor Intel sebagai otaknya. ASUS sendiri konsisten menggunakan prosesor Intel, ketimbang menggunakan prosesor mobile pada umumnya yang telah dipakai di platform mobile (semisal variant ARM).

How to Run Windows Program on Linux Using Wine

Monday 12 May 2014 | post a comment

Since many Windows operating system (OS) program doesn’t always available on Linux, many users afraid to fully migrate into new OS such Linux. But you don’t have a worry. There’s a team developer who create a program which can emulate Windows program so it can run on Linux.

Disable Search History by Google

Monday 20 January 2014 | post a comment

If you log in into your Google account, any activity on the web will be recorded. That include, what you search on the internet using Google search engine. The data which Google track is, the keyword do you use, the website you visit based on your search term, and how many time you visit those […]

Enabling IPv6 on Debian Machine (via Tunnel)

Tuesday 31 December 2013 | post a comment

I really don’t care about IPv6 since the current technology doesn’t obstruct me from my online activity. But since my account were approved for free VPS by, it seems I have to use IPv6 connectivity. After “Googling on Bing”, I finaly found that there’s a simple method to enable IPv6 on my Debian machine […]