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What a Pity Cat

Sunday 10 July 2016 | post a comment

catMe and my office mate at same office room feel strange about the smell in our room.

Yes it is strange because we smell cat feces, while there is no cat inside room.

Some times, we also hear sound of a cat, but we don’t see any cat.

Finally, I found the answer. There is a cat in our room and the cat was stuck between a closet.

The cat was fall into the crack inside, so nobody can see him. I think he was stuck for 4 days and he take a feces in there.

That’s why the smell of our room feels like cat feces. Because there is a cat feces 😆

Bully Ponakan (Kisah Si Penjual Bakwan)

Tuesday 17 May 2016 | Comments (2)

Okeh, bully di sini tidak dalam artian intimidasi negatif, tapi sekedar memberikan perasaan eneg. Konsepnya, saya bikinin parodi dari status ponakan saya yang lebai (bocah SMP kelas IX) 😆 .

Sebenarnya “bully-an” ini lebih ke arah kesel saya ajah, karena dia kebanyakan mainan Facebook, ketimbang belajar buat persiapan menghadapi Ujian Nasional 😈

Reshuffle Kabinet Jokowi: Andrinof Chaniago

Thursday 13 August 2015 | post a comment

Entah kenapa ini ironinya jadi berlipat-lipat :mrgreen:

andrinof chaniago reshuffle


Wednesday 13 August 2014 | post a comment


I know what you did :v

Postingan kontemporer, apakah istilah jilboobs masih diingat di tahun-tahun mendatang 😆

I Don’t Care Tablet

Wednesday 21 November 2012 | post a comment

Tablet computer devices becoming popular nowadays. But I tell you, I don’t care about that stuff (maybe I will change my mind if somebody give me :-p ). Back to the topic, I’m from Indonesian, and I’ll give some reason why I don’t interested in using tablet.


The Indonesian have a ritual taking the oath of office, especially as state employees by using their holly religious book. If you are Muslim, you will be sworn in with the Koran holy book. If you are Christian, you will be sworn in with the Bible, and so on for other faiths. ( More … )