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Old PSU Computer

Monday 4 June 2012 | post a comment

This is an old power supply unit computer. Using AT technology, you’ll still need to press the power button on PC’s case to compeletely turn of your PC. Modern PC no need to do that.


The image were taken using the macro mode on cell phone camera, but it fail because it’s blurry. So I apply effect as many thing using Photoshop.

Everybody Loves Jackfruit

Sunday 3 June 2012 | post a comment

Jackfruit (nangka) is one of the popular fruit in Indonesia. It has sweet-smelling and alluring taste. Indonesian often combine Jackfruit with cold n fresh drink, such Cendol and Es Campur.


Photos were taken in North Jakarta, at SMAN 110 garden. Image effect applied using CreativeKit Google+ (formerly Google Picnic).

Roof Tent

Saturday 2 June 2012 | post a comment

The situation were very hot, and I really want to put my head up high. And accidentally, I got this interesting view and I really want to take a picture.

punctate roof tent

This nice mottled color of roof tent were taken at Jakarta State University, Rawamangun – East Jakarta, Indonesia.


Friday 1 June 2012 | post a comment

It seems I’m gonna add some new category here. Writing is a little bit of hard for me nowadays, specially since I’m concentrating developing Indokreasi Network. Photo is also part in blogging and I would like to share what I see to you through my photos and post it in here.

stasiun balapan

This is my first photo. It’s Solo Balapan railway station which locate in Central Java, Indonesia. I add some effect from Kreative Kit Google+ photo editor. Formerly this service was available on Google Picnic, but now Google shut it down and integrating it with Google+.

Telescope Zeiss Bosscha Bandung

Wednesday 8 June 2011 | post a comment

Bangunan teropong ini dirancang oleh arsitek Bandung ternama, yaitu K. C. P. Wolf Schoemacher. Teleskop dan gedung kubah ini merupakan sumbangan dari K. A. R. Bosscha yang secara resmi diserahkan kepada Perhimpunan Astronomi Hindia-Belanda bulan Juni 1928.


Teleskop menggunakan lensa yang terdiri dari 2 teleskop utama dan 1 teleskop pencari. Diameter teleskop utama 60cm dengan panjang fokus hampir 11m, dan teleskop pencari berdiameter 40cm. Medan pandang teleskop pencari adalah 1,5 derajat (sekitar 3 kali diameter citra bulan purnama).