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Agama Sering Dijadikan “Keset” Politik

Monday 20 July 2015 | post a comment

Biasanya yang jadiin agama sebagai keset justru mereka yang ngebuang jauh-jauh unsur agama dalam politik, jadi religius pas mau pemilu doang. Agama jadi keset politik itu semua ngikut serba mendadak.

Halal Label for Food and Drink in Indonesia

Monday 2 September 2013 | post a comment

Halal is a label for food and drink that Muslim allow to consume it because it appropriate to shariah (Islam). In the opposite of term halal is haram, which is refers to food and drink that are not appropriate to shariah. As an example for halal and haram, a cow meat is halal for Muslim […]

Simple Logic For Egypt Case

Friday 23 August 2013 | post a comment

A growing number of Islamic ideologies in Egypt makes the tragedy that is happening become more confusing. Many uncertain news and slander spread so fast. But I’ll give some simple logic to understand about the situation. I don’t care about those ideology over there and it’s all about justice and humanity. This is my simple […]

Imsyak 2013 and Other Ramadhan Schedule

Monday 8 July 2013 | post a comment

Yo, Ramadhan is come. This is a holy month for moslem in all over the world. They have some worship obligation in the morning till evening, which is fasting. Sahur and Magrib time is the happy time off course. On this post, I would like to give imsyak and magrib schedulle for Indonesian time at […]

PSSI, Why Pick Palestine as Sparring Partner It’s Not Important

Monday 22 August 2011 | post a comment

I know many people doubt about PSSI (Indonesian footbal federation) option. Palestine country itself are in ruin because of war. Picking Palestine as sparring partner in football game isn’t right decision. PSSI argue that the national team can learn the Arabian style in playing football in match against Palestine. And that’s right. Indonesia won by […]