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Metro TV Claim: “Rohis is Terrorist”

Monday 17 September 2012 | post a comment

If everybody hate politics much, then why taking information source from this two scumbag media; Metro TV and TV One? Both of them form political party and actively spread terrorism mechanism when incident happened, and even display it live as reality show. Once again, open your heart and your eyes widely.

islam hatred tendentious

Recently, Metro TV create new story about terrorism and they said if rohis is terrorist. The Rohis term refers to Rohani Islam, an extracurricular activity which provide Islamic knowledge to it’s member. This statement is irrational and Islam hatred tendentious.

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Berita Sampah

Wednesday 18 April 2012 | post a comment

Sebuah berita di portal berita elektronik ternama,, benar-benar terasa memuakkan. Dalam judul mungkin sempat terungkap nada keprihatinan, tapi isi beritanya tidak lain adalah sampah. Berita itu menceritakan tentang sebuah foto yang memenangkan hadiah pulitzer.

Foto yang memenangkan hadiah tersebut menampilkan peristiwa tragedi kemanusiaan. Seorang anak berumur sekitar 7 tahunan menangis berdiri, dikelilingi mayat-mayat yang bergelimpangan. Darah bersimbah di mana-mana, sementara lutut si gadis pun terlihat berdarah.


Serangan itu sendiri terjadi di Afganistan. Sebuah negara mayoritas muslim yang dibenci seluruh dunia dengan stigma terorisme. Tidak ada yang peduli bagaimana nasib mereka, termasuk media-media barat. Stigma itu kembali tertuang pada berita sampah yang dapat Anda lihat pada tautan berikut:

Sampah karena berita itu bertendensi datar. Menceritakan bagaimana kapan foto tersebut tercipta, saat sedang apa, dan siapa wartawan yang mengambil. Tidak ada komentar sama sekali mengenai foto yang melanggar batas kemanusiaan tersebut.

Diksi (pilihan kata) yang menunjukkan kesimpatikan cuma terdapat pada judul, yakni memilukan. Paragraf pertama terdapat kata bom mematikan. Selebihnya berita ini cuma menceritakan siapa dan kapan foto itu diambil, jumlah hadiah yang diperoleh, serta para nominator untuk karya foto lain.

Jikalau Anda mengatakan bahwa berita di detik tersebut sekedar mencoba netral, bolehkah saya pertanyakan bagaimana rasa kemanusiaan versi Anda? Atau terserah jika Anda menuduh saya anti-Yahudi atau Amrik atau apalah, namun bagaimana jika kejadian tersebut menimpa Anda?

The loneliest people were the one who always spoke the truth

Water in Jakarta, Indonesia, The Most Expensive Water on Southeast Asia

Monday 27 February 2012 | post a comment

Someone post this news in Yahoo Indonesia and other mainstream news portal using Indonesian Language. I’m re-posting this news in English, for more wide spreading the danger of capitalism in vital sector Industry. I think the country failed establishing people’s rights.

Many people in Jakarta complaining about the water service in jakarta. Starting from the price, bad service, and the contract between country water company (PAM) and it’s private partner company, Palyja and Aetra. The contract it self was started in 1997.

Until end of 2010, PAM should bear the loss Rp 610 miliar and debt Rp 530 miliar. The company it self gain minus equity about Rp 985,72 miliar. The PAM continues to lose money, they were unable to get some profit because according to contract, the privat company partner ask for increase profit for each six month. Instead gain some profit, PAM should give it’s profit to it’s Partners.

Because of this contract, Palyja and Aetra (the private company partner) always gain profit. Until June 2011, Palyja gain net profit about Rp 119,48 miliar. Palyja also has retained earnings amounting to Rp 898.12 miliar. Total income is almost half of Palyja’s assets, Rp1,82 triliun.

The Aetra it self has good performance. First 3 months in 2011 (first quarterly), this company gain net profit Rp 27,90 miliar. This profit increase according in same periode last year which about Rp 16,43 miliar. This year Aetra also have paid the investors dividend about Rp 200 miliar.

since the beginning of this contract is detrimental to the company. And if the contract isn’t change, PAM condition will getting worst and will assume debt about Rp 18,2 triliun in end of contract periode (year 2022). The company must take back and regain profit, and it start with stopping the contract with those capitalism company.

Syndrome of Indonesian Government’s: End of The Year Activity

Sunday 4 December 2011 | post a comment

I don’t watch TV often. Usually I just watch some football or news in the morning. But this is Weekend, and I like to stay at home. This is an exception situation, so I watch TV a lot. Guest what, many TV advertisement comes from the government department (Kementrian) and State-owned Enterprises (BUMN). Those are advertisements I’ve been caught:

  • Renewal energy from LIPI (Dedy Mizwar and Komarudin Hidayat).
  • BOS and PAUD program from Department of Education and Culture.
  • 54th years of Pertamina – spread energy into remote area.
  • Social Department for “Who Are You? (we are same)”.
  • BNPT for counter terorism (haha, watch Zeitgeist or Arrivals on Youtube for this).
  • Energy and Mineral Source (ESDM) for not using the subsidize gas.

Maybe you don’t aware about this. Or, you’ll say that I’m very tendentious for writing this post. I tell you, this is absolutely waste money program in end of the year. Those ads were playing everyday in TV station. You wouldn’t see it often in early year.

Why? Enjoy Endonezwah then, the Republic of Liar. Enough said.

Kemane Aje Lu?

Thursday 25 August 2011 | post a comment


I’m still fully laugh of loud reading this news article. The increasing number of PNS (country labour) at election season isn’t surprising at all. Many of the employee is unprofessional and untrained. Not only the number increased, the budget for kind of “tunjangan” for those PNS also increased. No wonder after the election period end, many PNS receive pay cuts for their salary.


Here another laugh of loud news article. Yes it is still not surprising at all. We know how SBY and Budiono style running these country. They claim to do economy for the poor, but in fact they were neoliberal activist. The neolib economic style is a request from uncle SAM. The involvement of America in this country show us one thing, we (Indonesia) are not sovereign at all.

Both of those news article can be more read here:

Last word for this,
“kemane aje lu??”

kemane aje lu