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Cigarettes on The Grass

Monday 19 January 2009 | post a comment

This is a post for the beginning of the year contest which held by two smart Indonesian blogger, Brillie (sponsor) and Anton ( kinda “sogokan” sentence. 😆 ). The contest name is, “Kontes Foto Kreatif”, for the spirit of go-green and keep healthy life for all Indonesia people. I like the contest theme, because giving positive thought for bloggers, rather than stupid chit-chat on their post (yaiks, talk about love, movies, and music a lot makes me sick. Jeeezzzzz, blogging isn’t always about love and entertainment). About the contest, I have found a picture for the contest, and now I’m ready for it. Uchan Proudly present “The Cigarettes on the Grass”

This picture was taken by my jaduls Nokia 7610 camera (don’t have any good devices than this. Don’t laughing me, please). Found this moment when I’m coming home from Harco Mangga Dua (computer market). The people who put it (the garbage) on here seems didn’t remember about the big flood that occurred in Kota and Mangga Dua area.The location was in front of the buildings, in the edge of the Gunung Sahari street. Beside this building, we can see a very big river. Although the river were big, if the garbage getting a lot, it still will cause flood.

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I’m an Internazionale Milan Fighter

Monday 10 November 2008 | post a comment

Lama gak posting, ada kesibukan yang saya sendiri gak mengerti. Sampai saat ini semuanya berjalan sendiri2 di luar kemauan. Gak sampe out of control sih, cuma gak biasa aja dihadapkan sama proyek yang musti bikin kepala saya senut2an mikir terus 24 jam.

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