Are You Prepare for the Indonesian Election Day?

Monday 24 March 2014 | post a comment

the election days in Indonesia are near. Did you already decide which party will you choose? If not, or because you have a doubt in those party, I’ll give you some guide so I hope it can “illuminate”

Simple Logic For Egypt Case

Friday 23 August 2013 | post a comment

A growing number of Islamic ideologies in Egypt makes the tragedy that is happening become more confusing. Many uncertain news and slander spread so fast. But I’ll give some simple logic to understand about the situation. I don’t care about those ideology over there and it’s all about justice and humanity. This is my simple […]

Blackberry Z10 Everywhere

Wednesday 10 April 2013 | post a comment

Our nation is on the peak stage of consumerism that causes blurring of national identity. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity) and Pancasila it’s only a state philosophy, while people will choose from what they see and like. For comparison, Blackberry vs Pancasila, … obviously people would prefer the Blackberry than Pancasila. Our society looking […]

Metro TV Claim: “Rohis is Terrorist”

Monday 17 September 2012 | post a comment

If everybody hate politics much, then why taking information source from this two scumbag media; Metro TV and TV One? Both of them form political party and actively spread terrorism mechanism when incident happened, and even display it live as reality show. Once again, open your heart and your eyes widely. Recently, Metro TV create […]

Berita Sampah

Wednesday 18 April 2012 | post a comment

Sebuah berita di portal berita elektronik ternama,, benar-benar terasa memuakkan. Dalam judul mungkin sempat terungkap nada keprihatinan, tapi isi beritanya tidak lain adalah sampah. Berita itu menceritakan tentang sebuah foto yang memenangkan hadiah pulitzer. Foto yang memenangkan hadiah tersebut menampilkan peristiwa tragedi kemanusiaan […]