HP Compaq Presario CQ40-337TU on Ubuntu 9.04 (2)

Friday 3 July 2009 | post a comment

This the update information of my previous post. Overall, I feel satisfied with Ubuntu Jaunty on my CQ40-337TU. The 3D desktop running smoothly and sophisticated. All device work well, such Wi-Fi, optical drive, and webcam.

But, there is other problem which is very annoying. I read the manual about my laptop. It’s say that the battery life can reach about 4 hours 15 minutes. When I’m running Ubuntu on it, battery life can only reach about 2 hours (using 3D desktop effect, browsing activity, and USB wire modem attached).

I’ve try tweaking the power consumption. First, I adjusting display brightness into lowest level. Then, switch the processor volt into power save mode. I also turn of the desktop effect (same problem with Vista on Aero mode) and WiFi device. And I got about 3 hours.

Where’s another 1 hour? Any suggest for my laptop, or should I back to Vista the P1r4t3s 3d1t1on?

HP Compaq Presario CQ40-337TU on Ubuntu 9.04

Saturday 27 June 2009 | post a comment

On computer exhibition in Jakarta (Pekan Raya Jakarta 2009), about 5 days ago (23 June 2009), I was buying a notebook. I buy a CQ series of HP-Compaq, the Presario CQ40-337TU exactly. I choose this type because it’s have a balance between the price (540$) and the quality (HP-COMPACT).

I have a plan to install dual OS (XP and Linux) on it. But, I’m facing some problem. When installing XP, the installer can not found my HDD device ( I think it’s using the AHCI mode). I check my driver CD, and it’s only provide driver for VISTA. The official site also didn’t provide the driver for XP.

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Gw sebel ma ubuntu

Friday 25 August 2006 | post a comment

Iya bener… sebel bgt ma ubuntu. mo pake hardisk di partisi lain ga bisa, proteksi root. ganti icon’s ga bisa. pokoknya musti command prompt mulu. ga ada cara yg lebih instan lebih cepet pake GUI gitu kek. udah tau kita dablek banget main konsol linux. RTFM… useless bgt tuh… masa orang indonesia dikasih bahasa inggris…

enakan slackware deh… enteng bener… KDE muluss. bahasa indonesia dikasih manualnya (nah yg ini bohong…).


Monday 5 June 2006 | post a comment

Yang ada cuma kekosongan…

Anjing komputer rusak gara2 ubuntu!

semua data kehapus

ga ada harapan

berasa mau mati aja

untung bukan komputer gua